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Feel Brand New When the Boy is Over You

Our song played on the radio and the tears started to fall down again on my rosy cheeks. The liquid mascara that I’ve been re-applying over and over ran out now, so there’s no more concealing on my teary eyes. I cried as I hugged my floral pillow thinking about our memories together. How come he left me without even saying goodbye all you gave me was a simple text message saying “It’s over for us now; I hope you find a better man.” Due to my anger I kicked the stereo resulting for it to be destroyed. Damn.

Just when I’m about to start sobbing again, I thought of something. Why waste my time mourning about our dead relationship if I could get myself a total new look? I have to get him out my head! There are lots of hair salon CBD that I could look at in my map but I have to choose one, that somewhere who could represent me as a woman using my hair style. I found this small salon in which they have hairdressers who are professional enough in giving the good experience for each of their costumers, whether they’re into classic hair trends.

They also serve expertise hair straightening, curls, colored hair strands, or styled to perfection for an occasion. They are also used in achieving quality and precision always. I decided to get into their shop and asked for some trimming over my hair cut. Thank god they are open right on Saturdays, because most of the hair spa in my country is only open till Fridays. I was introduced to their well-known stylist, for that one it gave me the comfort ability to relax and take out all of my stresses away. All that’s in my mind while they were giving me the cut is how will I look after it.

They made sure that they consider the face shape, density of the hair, and my life style. My visit began with a four-pointed consultation in which they tackled the condition of my scalp, hair and my preference in color and style. After that they gave me a shampoo, scalp massage and conditioning treatment. When it came to my color choose, they performed to me the opaque blazing blonde highlights and a grey coverage to define my emotion. They really see to it that every single detail will reflect me as a person.

It sounds dramatic but as I looked myself into the mirror, it shows me that I am taking now the way of burying the past. I really created a new and bolder version of me. I was lucky that I get to feel this feeling again, the emotion of being free. I felt that I finally escaped that dark past behind me. I was right to trim it off for it represents the intimacy of my last relationship. Remember that after the break up, take care of yourself.
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Autor: David Crowell
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